COOLAIR: Cold Induced Long Antisense Intragenic RNA (Swiezewski et al., 2009) is a transcript antisence to FLC gene which is responsible in regulating the flowering time in Arabidopsis plant.

Plants like Arabidopsis when is in a prolonged cold condition shows the epigenetical silencing of FLC (Flowering Locus C) in a Polycomb mediated process called vernalization (De Lucia, F. et al. 2008). Swiezewski and group could show that upregulation of long non-coding antisense transcripts covers the entire FLC locus which may be part of the cold-sensing mechanism. Induction of these antisense transcripts occurs earlier than, and is independent of, other vernalization markers and coincides with a reduction in sense transcription. This antisense mediated gene silencing involves the Polycomb protein machinery.

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